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Real estate marketing videos are moving up a gear thanks to Smartvisite

Florian Mas

 Article written by Florian Mas from Immobilier2.0, translated by Thomas Findeis from

Video marketing is the latest trend in the real estate industry! The medium is booming in the United States thanks to new 100% automatic services. In France, the Smartvisite™ Startup has just come up with a new innovation regarding real estate marketing videos which shall not go unnoticed!

« Movie » Template (English) from Smartvisite™ on Vimeo.


They have indeed managed to automate the creation of real estate marketing videos whilst including footages of given neighborhoods. This will leave a lasting impression on your property sellers!

Automatic video listings Smartvisite

The issue at stake behind real estate marketing videos

The figure speaks for itself: nowadays, 73% of all homeowners would rather work with professional estate agents who design marketing videos. Yet very few professionals in France design any marketing videos, contrary to North America where the video medium is reported to have been booming since early 2014.

Nowadays, if you wish to design real estate marketing videos, you have two options:
- Hiring a professional cameraman: this requires a certain budget
- Using a photomontage service: the end result can prove disappointing

A new innovation has emerged in the creation of real estate marketing videos thanks to the new Smartvisite™ “MOVIE” Template, which combines video animation as well as footage of a given neighborhood.

Automatic video listings for real estate Smartvisite

The new generation of real estate advertisement videos

How it works is simple. Using your sales and letting software, Smartvisite™ automatically generates a video of your listing and broadcasts it on YouTube and social media networks.

Thanks to their new “MOVIE” Template, filmed footages of the neighborhood is incorporated into the photomontage of your listing. To create these videos, the tool compiles footages featuring neighborhood sequences, pictures of the property, statistics and points of interest regarding the neighborhood, custom animated graphics and studio-recorded voiceovers. Better than a long speech, here are some examples of videos which have been generated 100% automatically using property data.

Example of a video which has been created for the city of Bordeaux
Example of a video which has been created for the city of Lyon

To reach such a high level of quality in its video-making, this new Template required 18 months of development, since cameramen travelled all across France to film footages of neighborhoods in major French cities. As for other towns or cities, if a video of your neighborhood is not featured, you can also enjoy this innovative video format thanks to generic video sequences. A presentation of the agency or director can also be featured at the end of your videos, 100% automatically.

To release this new innovative video format, several major developments were required:

1. Filming video sequences of the neighbourhoods of various French cities
2. The automatic incorporation of neighbourhood video footage
3. The automatic incorporation of a video presenting the agency
4. The recording and incorporation of voiceovers to comment the videos
5. The conversion of all videos into Full HD

automatic property video smartvisite france

Still 100% automatic

The strength of this service lies in its 100% automated aspect. Videos are automatically generated from the estate agency’s data feed. Depending on where the property’s postcode area is situated, the system automatically retrieves the most appropriate footage of its neighborhood.

If an agency wants to take matters one step further and have their own neighborhood footage to customize their listing videos, they can call on Smartvisite™ who send a cameraman on site to film the vicinity as well as a video presenting the agency.

To this day, over 800 estate agencies in France have opted for the Smartvisite™ solution, which represents more than 3000 new videos generated daily. All in all, more than 3 million videos have been made since 2010.
Thanks to this new “MOVIE” Template, the innovation continues its headway. Negotiations regarding this new video format are already underway with several major stakeholders in Europe and North America.

To find out more about the offer, visit the website if you live in Europe and if you live in North America.

Read the original article in French on the Immobilier 2.0 blog 

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